Pisces Services Ltd was established as a cleaning and ground care company in 2004.

It was important that we should offer a great service meeting 3 criteria; meet or exceed client expectations, price to be fair, and the work done in both an agreed manner at time scale. Amongst our satisfied customers are Henrys’ Bar and Restaurant, Thames Industrial Estates, 1 Big Enterprise Centre, Dagenham & Barking P.C.T.,  Abbeyfield Residential Home, Regency Estate Management, Little Angels Nursery and Boxtainer.

From the smallest to the biggest job, we have all the equipment that we require to tackle 98% of all tasks whether commercial or domestic, without requiring anything more from the customer, other than access to the work area.
Of course price and quality are important, but we hold reliability equally highly. We never book jobs to run con-currently without informing all parties. Once a time and date are agreed we stick to it. On those rare occasions when we are unable to meet schedule, for example because of inclement weather, we will contact you at the earliest possible moment to agree any new arrangements needed.